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Seasonal wedding dress styles – What to wear to a wedding

Josephine Scott London

Feb 3, 2023

A shopping guide to finding your dream wedding gown that’s suitable for the season you’re set to marry in!

There are many factors to consider when you start shopping for your wedding dress. The current trends, your personal style, where you will be getting married and how you envision your wedding day to look will all play a part in your decision when you come to say yes to the dress.

Seasonal wedding dress styles will be one of the biggest influences. From lightweight fabrics to keep you cool in the summer to twinkling embellishments to make you sparkle in the winter, we’re here to help you shop for the season…

What to wear to a Spring wedding

Spring is a time of new beginnings, making it a poetic season to start your own new beginning as newlyweds. Reflect the blossoming flowers in nature within your dress. Go bold with a floral printed number like ‘Constance’ or ‘Elora’. The pretty printed dresses add a pop of colour to your aisle style and your guests will delight in how unusual and romantic your bridal gown is. If you prefer something more traditional, opt for a floral lace gown like ‘Elsbeth’. The intricate lace and soft ruffles are perfect for spring brides. 

What to wear to a Summer wedding

Show off sun-kissed skin in your wedding gown, choosing delicate spaghetti straps as seen on ‘Mia’ or let you tanned legs do the talking in show-stopping ‘Isla’. Summer calls for barely-there fabrics and lightweight layers.

Keep your cool at the hottest point in the calendar by making your way down the aisle in soft chiffons and airy Chantilly lace. If you always envisioned yourself wearing a gown with full sleeves but you want to marry in the summer consider a sheer sleeve, like on the ‘Eliza’ gown, to give you the look you’ve been dreaming of with out the worry of overheating – there’s a fine line between a beautiful bridal glow and looking a bit sweaty!

What to wear to an Autumn wedding

Make the most of earlier nightfall and drawn out evenings with lots flickering candles and cheery fairy lights placed around your venue to create a magical and inviting atmosphere.

Go to town with your decorations, as your guests will be spending the majority of the day inside. Choose a wedding dress with delicate sequins, shimmering beads and metallic threads – like the ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Astor’ gowns – to make you sparkle and shine as you move in the twinkling lighting.

What to wear to a Winter wedding

As the weather turns colder, embrace gowns made with heavier fabrics like Mikado silk and thick silk satins. These weightier fabrics drape beautifully creating elegant silhouettes, shown in the ‘Eloise,’  ‘Estella’ and ‘Claudia’ dresses. ‘Estella’ features a detachable over-skirt, ‘Claudia’ boasts removable sleeves and you can customise to the ‘Eloise’ style by pairing the dress with a removable under bodice, changing the neckline and adding sleeves.

In the winter take advantage of being able to wear layers and opt for a dress that gives you two looks in one. Remove the sleeves or over-skirt to change your aisle style from day to night. We love a high neckline for winter brides too, ‘Kitty’ is the epitome of winter wedding style!

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